Snake Pass


Snake Pass is Sumo Digital's attempt at bringing back the feel of those old school, puzzle-adventure games (like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Banjo-Kazooie, etc) with modern day graphics. And they did one hell of a job. I love everything about this game; the colors are brilliant and diverse, the characters are original, and just the overall game itself is great.

Now for the rating:


The visuals in the game were perfect. The colors were vibrant, the attention to detail was great, the scenery matched the theme perfectly. I genuinely have nothing negative to say about the visuals/graphics of this game.

RATING: 10/10


The mechanics in this game are difficult, in a good way. The game is meant to make you slither and coil around objects, basically making you use physics. If your body is leaning too much one way you'll fall that way, and if you're not constricting enough to a surface you won't be able to climb it. It makes every move you make require thinking about balance and tension. The only thing I wish would be added is the ability to bite onto a surface, this would give you a lot more "tricks" and unique ways of solving the puzzles.

RATING: 10/10


The thing I love about these old school type games is even though they have a pretty straightforward storyline, they are still very fun to go back and play. Maybe it’s just me but these kind of puzzle adventure games never seem to lose their touch. I could play these kinds of games over and over, and still enjoy myself the whole way through.

RATING: 10/10

Is It Fun?

What more can I say about this game? Every other category and my brief description have already spelt out for you why this game is extremely fun and entertaining. It combines the bright colors and mentality of the old school PlayStation games from way back when, with a unique brand of puzzles that can baffle adults. This game deserves a perfect score and nothing less of that!

RATING: 10/10


I recommend this game to literally everyone, everywhere. It's available on all current consoles (PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch). Just get the game and enjoy, you won't be disappointed.

As always, I'd love to hear what any of you think about either this game or my review of it. Feel free to comment or send a message/post to the KeyBound Facebook or Twitter.