Pit People


Pit People is a turn-based strategy game similar to XCOM and the new Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The main difference is this game is better, and I’m going to tell you why. If you’ve ever seen my videos or previous reviews, you’d know that The Behemoth is one of my favorite game developers of all time, and Pit People happens to be their current piece of perfection. All of the Behemoth games are full of bright colorful diverse characters, and tons of on-screen gags, and more recently witty, hilarious narration. The game is still in the Alpha stages, but it is already perfected, in terms of gameplay and mechanics; the only thing left (from my understanding) is finishing up the story and adding in some more features that we don’t necessarily need, but I’m not complaining about getting extra content. So, before I turn this into a 10 page paper on why I’m obsessed and in love with this game, let’s just move on to the review and save you some time.


Pit People has that unique art style that The Behemoth is known for. The characters are well designed and fairly diverse, all following a certain theme depending on the characters' role/class. The environments for the game are diverse and beautifully designed/colored, and the battlefields are strategically mapped out to make each fight interesting. The only thing I would change visually with this game is adding a little bit to the color palette, but then again the game is still in development so we aren't really seeing everything.

RATING: 9.5/10


The mechanics of this game are perfect, they do not need to be changed at all in my opinion. The controls are well mapped out, everything is easy to understand in terms of how things work. If the developers wanted to add new features to the game (which they might, seeing as the game isn't finished yet), that would be fine as long as they don't change the already existing one, they function perfectly. It's a turn-based game that allows you to map out what movements you would like your characters to do, it shows the maximum actions allowed, and it lets you know if you can or can't do something. Not much needed to be changed there.

RATING: 10/10


The replay-ability of this game is one of the highest I've seen in this style of game, mainly because there are "random" encounters, and there is a large roster of different characters you can recruit and use in battle. And many of the characters have something unique about them, that makes them worth the effort of recruiting. Plus there are different kinds of equipment that can be found throughout the game, and it has several multiplayer functions to enjoy with friends.

RATING: 10/10

Is It Fun?

I find this game to be incredibly fun, and I'm someone who isn't fond of turn-based games other than Sid Meier's Civilization series or card games. It has a substantial amount of humor, especially because they brought back Stamper (the narrator from BattleBlock Theater and established animator) to narrate this game. And above all, I'm enjoying myself playing an uncompleted game... Imagine how much fun there will be when the thing is finished, this is the kind of game that I find so fun I would get it for people just because I want them to enjoy it. And around the "full" release, I might just do that; might have some kind of giveaway, we'll see...

RATING: 10/10


Feel free to let me know what you thought of this review or what you think of the game by commenting or letting me know on Facebook or Twitter. And be sure to check back around the time of Pit People's official release, cause I may be doing some kind of giveaway...