Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades is essentially a combination of Minecraft and Team Fortress 2, its a funny FPS with some crafting/building aspects to it. During any of the gamemodes, players can use their various weapons to kill other players, use them to destroy structures, or they can even build/reinforce their own structures for a strategic advantage. The game is both competitive like an FPS, but light-hearted and friendly much like Minecraft.


The visuals and graphics in this game are nothing special, they are very blocky and pixelated, but that is the point. They, much like Minecraft, were designed to have this low-resolution appearance to them. It can be argued what the purpose of this was, but it does make for a fairly unique experience given it is still considered an FPS. But resolution aside, the game is beautiful. There is a wide palette of colors, each map is uniquely designed, and even the characters and tools are very well sculpted. And to top it off, you get this for a quarter the cost of any other FPS. So for the amount you pay for this game, you get far better quality in the visual department.

RATING: 10/10


This game has several different sets of mechanics given that it is both a building game and an FPS. So I'll tackle each one by one. For the competitive shooting aspect, there are virtually no flaws. Hitboxes are aligned correctly, there is a decent variety of weapons to choose from, and weapons are balanced correctly given the class. What I mean by balanced is they make everything fair for the most part, for instance, there is a shotgun that is basically a one hit kill (within a certain range), but the class that can use it is fairly squishy; likewise the class with the minigun has the most health, but the minigun doesn't do much damage per shot and there is a bit of a spread, but if you line things up right and are within a certain range it's still devastating. For the building mechanics, they are pretty much perfect as well. In order to build you need a certain amount of blocks, to get blocks you either have to dig them up or find a crate. Anything and everything on the map is destroyable! Some classes are better at building, some are better at destroying; it's up to you to pick how you want to play to support your team. And lastly, the game modes are great. My particular favorite is the Zombies mode whether it is essentially the last man standing competition.

RATING: 10/10


Like all multiplayer games, replay-ability is the most important factor. Ace of Spades has got that covered. It's a competitive FPS like Call of Duty or Battlefield, in the sense that winning feels great and you're willing to keep playing until you do. And on the other hand, being fully multiplayer with the ability to build and destroy structures at will, adds a very big uniqueness and randomness to each match.

RATING: 10/10

Is It Fun?

If everything I've said hasn't quite convinced you that this game is fun, then this most likely isn't the game for you (or I'm giving a terrible sales pitch). Honestly, I love playing this game, its not a game I play all the time it's more of a "hey I'm bored, let me play some of this to kill some time" kind of game, but it is worth it.

RATING: 10/10


On the surface nobody (my self included) would expect a game like this to get a perfect score, but at this point in time I have no complaints whatsoever about the game. What you see is what you get, and what you see is a finely crafted game at a reasonable price. The only thing negative that could be said is about some of the players, but that can be said about literally every online multiplayer game out there.

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