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Nexus Giving Back to the Modders...

Nexus Mods, one of the biggest centralized location for PC Mods, has announced a new feature they will be adding. This feature, designed to help modders, gives a little "inspiration" to make higher quality mods. The feature is a new donation system designed to help support modders. Basically how the system works is, Nexus starts with a pot of cash, people donating will have their money put into that same pot, and after a pre-designated period of time it would be distributed to all modders depending on their amount of "donation points." Donation points are a "currency system" (for lack of better explanation) that Nexus will be using. They haven't fully decided how these donation points will be earned, at the moment they are considering using the download counters. These points are also available to be traded and distributed to other creators, so creators can help each other out as well. The more donation points, the bigger the payout from the overall pot. Nexus has also said that they will try to offer games, software licenses, and computer hardware in addition to money. Robin Scott, Nexus Mods Founder, in interviews could not stress enough that mods will remain 100% free, there will be no charging for mods, as he'd like to avoid the train wreck from Steam's attempt to charge for mods. 

I think this would be a great system if it gets up and running because no name modders would still be able to benefit from this, even if it is nowhere near the amount the big players do. But that at least gives them some extra motivation, and that's always a good thing in my book. So I hope to see how this all plays out..

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