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Fake Game on iOS?

Some of you may have heard about the new Cuphead port for iOS, and how bad it actually is. Turns out this game is a scam. A known repeat-offender put this game on the iOS App Store pretending to be the official company (Studio MDHR). Many people have contacted Studio MDHR to "express their opinions" on the game, only to get replies simply stating it wasn't their game. After discovering that these people not only ripped their game but also are using their company's name to seem more legitimate, Studio MDHR took to Twitter to notify all its fans stating, "There is a Cuphead imposter app on the iOS store -- this is a scam. We are working on removing the fraudulent app ASAP!"

At the time I'm writing this, the game has already been taken down from the iOS App Store, so Apple must've already taken action. While I have not heard, nor can I find any information supporting this, if you found yourself as one of the unfortunate people who paid for this game please contact Apple Support as I'm sure they would be willing to give a refund given the circumstances. 

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