Update: Studio progress, planned projects,... (4/3/18)

Hey everyone, I'm back with just another quick update. I've been working on setting up a recording studio in my house. It's far from professional/perfect, but it should get the job done. I'll have more info on that once it's finished. The other thing I wanted to talk about is that once the studio is finished I'm going to begin a few things that I normally don't do. I'm going to start live streaming consistently, I'm going to be making some video reviews for games, and I'm going to be showcasing some mods for different games (i.e. Skyrim, Fallout, Ark). Additionally, I'll be giving some much-needed attention to all the social media for KeyBound, and getting back to doing things with the 'collections' portion of what I do. Thanks for putting up with me and my absence lately, I'm hoping all the new things I'm trying to do will make up for it.

That's about all I have this time, be sure to check back again soon to see what else is going on. And be sure to check out my Patreon, I plan on posting some things on there soon too.