Update: Planning a Livestream, and some new Resident Evil 7 Stuff... (1/16/18)

Hey everyone, back with another update. So my last plans to have a live stream didn't really work out too well; had a lot of things going on that forced me to cancel without notice. But this time there's nothing holding me back, I'm even trying to take a day off work to make sure of that. Assuming I'm able to get off work, the live stream will be for most of the day on Friday, Jan 26th. At the moment there is a poll, to decide which game to play found  HERE  The options for the game right now are DUSK ( a new early access, 90's-ish run 'n gun ) or Cuphead (no explanation needed on that one. For this live stream, I'll be joined by a friend of mine so Cuphead will be Co-op. Will have more info about the stream posted on Facebook and Twitter when new info becomes available so be sure to keep an eye out. 

Now some of you may be aware, but the Chris Redfield story DLC has recently been released for Resident Evil 7. I've been waiting for this DLC to be released before I tackled any other of the DLC so I could hopefully have the full story of what's going on in the game. At this point, I've already started recording the Chris DLC, if I had to take a guess at how far I am given the pace of the game I'd say I'm about halfway through it. So immediately following that, I'll be doing the other new DLC where you play as Joe Baker, Jack Baker's brother, and you try to save your niece Zoe from Evie's infection using nothing but some good ole' fashioned Southern Bareknuckle Boxing. And of course, after that, I'll be doing all the other DLC to wrap up the game. And then I'll be going back and playing all the Resident Evil games, starting with the HD remake of the original for PC. 

In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for games they'd like to see me play or at the very least review, don't hesitate to let me know.

And that's about all I got for this time, cya next time.