Happy Holidays and a new Update (12/28/17)

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a great holiday season, and wishing you all a Happy New Year. I also wanted to take this time to give an update on what's going on right now. Between work and my family life, I haven't had much time to record videos, but I will be changing that very soon. The other thing I wanted to touch on is that over the holiday I got a PS4, and a few games with it as well. So in the future, you can look forward to seeing some gameplay from Crash Bandicoot, Megaman 8 thru 11, Injustice 2, and probably even more. I do not have a VR system yet (it's a lot of money), but am working on getting one. If you have any suggestions for PS4 games you think I'd like, want me to review, or would like to see me play feel free to comment or let me know on Facebook or Twitter and I'll see what I can do.

That's it for now, hope to be getting some new videos out there for you all soon, and again Happy New Year!