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Outlast 2

Outlast 2

Some of you may have played (or at least heard of) the first Outlast game, where you're a reporter running around an asylum while crazy shit's happening. Outlast 2 takes that and adds a whole new level of crazy and scary to it. You still play as a reporter with the inability to fight back, resorting to hiding and running the whole game. But this time instead of some crazy asylum members, you're running from some crazy small town cultists in the middle of nowhere. The game is great; has scary characters, great visuals, good voice acting and sound effects... it's a solid game.

Now time for the rating:


The visuals were great. Good balance of light and dark areas meant to through the player off. The scenery was scary, disturbing, and gruesome. The characters themselves fit what you'd expect given what's going on in the game.

RATING: 9.8/10


The mechanics of the game are pretty simple. You run around, collect stuff, hide, and repeat. I personally wish they had added some new mechanic after the first game, but then again if it ain't broke don't fix it. The one complaint I have is that the NPCs chasing you have "inconsistent tracking." What I mean by that is sometimes I hide in plain sight, and they have no clue where I went, other times I'm hidden extremely well and they just know where I am like they have a map in their hands. Aside from that, no complaints.

RATING: 8.5/10


The replay-ability for this game is somewhat lacking, not because there is anything wrong with the game, but simply because it is a singular storyline. Unless you are someone who is in love with the story enough to play it over and over (like I do with The Lion King movie), there are only a few things left after the main story. By that I mean, after you’ve completed the game the only reasons (aside from liking the story) to play the game again is to try a different difficulty, try a speed run, or to look for little easter eggs and things of that sort. So unfortunately, for those reasons I won’t be rating the replay-ability factor too high.

RATING:  6/10

Is It Fun?

Now here is the most important thing, is the game fun? Well if you’re a fan of horror movies or games, then you know the answer is a fat stinking yes! Outlast 2 combines the perfect amount of suspense and jumpscares, with weird flashbacks, creepy, psychologically damaged characters, and a nightmarish scenario. And to top it all off, they made the game challenging as well. So a player can’t just blow through the game without trying, and is forced to relived the same terrifying events over and over until they finally get it right.

RATING: 10/10


If you're a horror fan or want to become one, this is one of my top recommended games for you.

As always, I'd love to hear what any of you think about either this game or my review of it. Feel free to comment or send a message/post to the KeyBound Facebook or Twitter.

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