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Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

Animation Throwdown – The Quest for Cards is your run of the mill freemium card game. As a mobile game for smartphones and tablets, it’s fine. Something you would expect to see as a free game in the various app stores. But as a PC game that requires installation (not just running through a web browser), it’s kind of a waste of storage space. You can easily play the game on your phone or tablet and still have all the same functionality, if not more. The main thing that the game has going for it, is it’s a simple game to pick up (in terms of learning how to play), it features a bunch of characters/personas from a few of our favorite animated shows, and it’s free. Even though I just summed up the game I still have to give it a legitimate rating, but because it is originally designed as a mobile game it will be getting two different ratings.


It’s a simple card game so there isn’t too much that can be done with it. Everything is well drawn and vibrantly colored, but there is almost no eye-catching animation of any kind. The game’s animation mainly consists of different animated sequences being thrown on top of an otherwise static image as a layer. As an ordinary card game for PC or consoles ( like the YuGiOh and Magic games), this falls very short, as a mobile phone game this fits in just fine.




Once again, this is a simple card game; higher number wins and there are some abilities thrown in to keep the game interesting. As far as game mechanics go, there isn’t much someone could do to mess it up. The main issue in how the game works that disappoints me, is that it is essentially a pay-to-win game. By this I mean a player literally has the option to pay for the game’s in-game currency which can then be used to “speed up” some of the processes required to get better cards. So basically if you’re willing to drop $5-15 on the game, you’re essentially unbeatable unless you play someone who has done the same or plays the game competitively. The latter I don’t see being very likely.




This category is somewhat redundant as this is an online trading card game. It’s kind of like playing Uno with your friends it’s going to play differently almost every game. So the only thing that would really determine how replayable the game is, is how fun the player thinks the game is. If the player enjoys the game they can continue to replay as much as they’d like.

RATING: 10/10

Is it fun?

This is the most important category and the most arguable at that. As a mobile game this is a considerably fun game, mainly because mobile games are used as time wasters; a person does consciously go “ I can’t wait until I get home so I can play Flappy Bird on my phone,” they more likely say something like “Damn, this line is long. Let me play a little Clash of Clans to make it go faster.” So, as a phone mobile game, this holds its own. As a standard game, it can get old very quickly. I believe the longest I’ve played this game in one sitting was a total of 20min, but that was my first time playing so it was still new to me. So, as a standard game (unless you like online card games with little diversity) this game falls pretty flat.



Overall (mobile): 9.9/10 A+

Overall (standard): 7.6/10 C

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